Dream Catchers

Surrey Heath Women’s groups enjoyed an art day during the school holidays.  In Many Hands we believe in those special moments when we connect with ourselves and others, to empower the women.  Krisz Koch, helped the ladies create a lovely dreamer catcher, using sticks, wool, paper, markers, and glue. This was not the usual dream catcher, the idea behind it was that this was all about how important we are in our own lives, with self-affirming messages like ‘I am strong, I am beautiful etc. Often as women we give a lot of love and care to others but not always to ourselves, so that is why this dream catcher was centred around positivity for the women themselves. Something that the women could hang in their rooms which would give them positive affirmations in the morning, so they feel worthy, and loved. As well as how much love we deserve.  While being mum’s, wives, daughters, etc, we need to remember we have our own identity, and never lose that! The ladies really enjoyed making the dream catchers, it was a fun art day for everyone involved.