Everyone should understand and embrace the benefits of a diverse society and everyone should have an opportunity to be a part of and contribute to their local community.

Our Many Hands of Surrey project aims to improve integration in the county and work towards making Surrey a home to strong, confident, diverse communities.

The title of the project reflects the ambition of bringing many people together to help communities to embrace integration and challenge the polarization in our communities.

We do this through:

  • Helping women to improve their English language and develop skills for work in weekly groups in Redhill, Tadworth, Woking and Surrey Heath,
  • People’s Assemblies to develop leadership amongst diverse communities and encourage civic participation. The assemblies give people an opportunity to come together to gain an understanding of and take action to address the common issues that affect them.
  • Workshops about identity and belonging in schools for children between the ages of nine and ten. These workshops help to foster a feeling of belonging and of being valued and reinforce the idea that despite cultural differences, values of ‘tolerance,’ ‘fair play’, ‘equality’ and ‘human rights’ are common to all.

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