Kamilla’s husband is a drug addict. He is verbally and physical violent towards Kamilla – often forcing her to give him money so he can feed his addiction. Much of this violence is witnessed by their young children.

Our Trust Project supports women and families from ethnic minority background experiencing domestic abuse and our Outreach Worker has helped Kamilla and her children with practical and emotional help and advice.

We’ve arranged counselling sessions for Kamilla and anger management sessions for her husband, whom we have also referred to Catalyst for specialist addiction support.

Money is a problem so we’ve helped Kamilla to speak to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau so she can arrange financial support. As Kamilla has been mainly housebound, she has become very overweight and recently diagnosed as diabetic, so we’ve given her information about exercise classes and arranged for her to attend English language classes as well. This helps her to get out of the house and socialise too.

To give both Kamilla and the children a break, we’ve booked the children into a kid’s activity club during the school holidays. Now Kamilla and the children are feeling more hopeful for the future.