Mental Health Awareness Events

SMEF has organised two community events and delivered two-day, one day and half day training sessions on Mental Health First Aid recently.

The Mental Health First Aid courses are MHFA England certified and have been very popular; participants have expressed interest in further training sessions!

Many people have said the sessions have helped them to understand mental health better, they have been able to identify some things within themselves and learn how to manage them, as well as being able to support family, friends and people in the community who may be suffering from a mental health illness.

Our last two community events were in Molesey and Dorking reaching over 50 people. SMEF staff Salem Sabur and Kawther Hashmi delivered presentations on Mental Health at these two events, which were well received. Special thanks to Ambreen Muzaffar for coordinating these events!

As SMEF, we understand the importance of reaching our communities and we go the extra mile to make sure we deliver our events at a high standard, and we enjoy working with our member groups. Thank you to all the member groups who have taken part in this project and helped to reach our communities.