Watts Gallery Trip

The ladies in the Surrey Heath Womens Group were really looking forward to the trip to Watts Gallery and they were not disappointed – everyone really enjoyed themselves on this trip.  

The two Womens Groups in Surrey Heath went together, so in total there were 16 of us on this trip, all of us being picked up outside High Cross Church and taken to Watts Gallery. Once there, we first spent time walking through the Art Gallery, with Kate (our trip organiser and guide) focusing on a few pieces of art in the Gallery, and the stories behind these pieces. It was very captivating, and interactive, with the ladies engaging well and enjoying giving their opinions on what they thought the stories were behind the pieces. Through translation, everyone was able to take part in this.

We then moved on to looking at some pottery and more pictures, and the ladies were all given clipboards with paper, so that they could do some sketches themselves. These sketches would help with the workshop later when we would be trying out pottery for ourselves. Lunch was great, as usual the Nepali ladies outdid themselves, bringing amazing food, with enough food for all to share. There was a real togetherness within the group, everyone eating, talking, and laughing with each other.

After lunch, we had a pottery workshop with Lynn, where the ladies were all able to try to make a clay tile of their own design. Lynn did a demonstration and then the ladies were all given some clay to create their own tiles. Most of the ladies took part in this workshop and it was clear that they really enjoyed this workshop and making their tiles. The tiles were left there to be baked for two weeks, and will be ready for collection after three wks. Everyone had so much fun at Watts Gallery and all want to visit it again.